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An image of an outdoor HVAC unit


Every home or business must have a local, full-service HVAC contractor on their speed dial that can offer reliable assistance around the clock. For that reason, trust the certified professionals at Mr. Sparkles Carpet Cleaning for complete heating and cooling services in Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and Beaumont.


We do everything - from last-minute heater repairs to all-inclusive HVAC maintenance service visits. Plus, we go the extra mile to personalize each service around your service needs. This includes honouring your schedule, customizing solutions around your budget, and offering honest and upfront recommendations. Book your HVAC service and discover how we can help you save money on your utility costs.


Mr. Sparkles Carpet Cleaning is a team of local HVAC professionals that understands all the intricate components of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. With that in mind, we use our extensive experience, training, and skills to perform excellent installation work and ensure that your HVAC systems function at their peak performance level. We service both residential and commercial customers and deliver efficient service with complete customer satisfaction.

An image of a technician working on an outdoor HVAC unit


Even a minor fault in your heating, air conditioning, or ventilation system can disrupt your home routine or business operations while adversely affecting your comfort and indoor atmosphere. However, don’t fret; instead, reach out to Mr. Sparkles Carpet Cleaning without waiting. Day or night, our team is ready to handle all your HVAC repair needs with accurate diagnostic practices and exemplary customer care. Over the years, we have handled almost all kinds of HVAC faults, failures, and emergencies and have resorted them quickly to their optimal performance levels.


Investing in routine HVAC maintenance pays you off with long-term savings and peace of mind. Since a smoothly running HVAC system is critical to your home’s comfort and business’s operations, regular maintenance will ensure that problems are addressed in their early stages to avoid costly repairs or increased utility costs. Our HVAC technicians are extremely respectful to our customers’ spaces and attentive to their special needs. We only call a job done well when our customers are satisfied.


Our personalized installation will ensure you enjoy a fully-functional HVAC unit for years of use.

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